iOS 7 redesign

I use Mac’s. I think they are leagues ahead of our Windows counterpart. However, I do not own an iPhone and people think I’m crazy. I tell them I use the best tool for the job, for me that is Android, and they laugh at me. I’m not sure why utilising a Mac means I should also have an iPhone, especially since I (and most iPhone owners, come to that…) use Google for most (web)apps (Google, Maps, Gmail, Fit, Docs, YouTube, Calendar, Keep, Chrome, etc.).

And then Apple announced iOS7’s redesign. Errr. To call it ugly is an understatement. I then saw this article detailing how Apple could have done better (it’s quite long, but it’s worth the read), and I agree with some of it.

I’m not sure who agreed the icon designs of Notes, Reminders, Game Center, Newsstand, or Settings, but they really do nothing for the overall aesthetics. They are just far too psychedelic. Apple also seem to be completely against “widgets” on the homescreen, and this is, for me, the biggest plus of an Android. I can see everything that matters with just a glance without having to open each individual app or look in the Command Centre.

They’ve also switched away from skeuomorphic design after switching to it a couple years earlier. That’s a good thing. A really, really good thing, considering how Apple Cal used to look. It just goes to prove, though, that Apple seem to be struggling recently with design aspects – they seem lost and that isn’t a promising thought as these design changes might come to Mac OS X. And that’s scary.