This is an old post from 2012. As such, it might not be relevant anymore.

Today I learnt a new word, knolling; arranging items in parallel and 90º to each other in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

I’ve been doing this for years without having really noticed or understanding that it’s a “thing”. My bedside table has my lamp, clock, book, and pile of letters to go through, all neatly arranged. My desk (whilst often slightly messy in the day) is organised by my keyboard and mouse being next to each other, my notebook to the left with two pen colours, always black and red Bic biros, sitting proudly next to it (both with the lids on and facing the same way), and my cup coaster in between my iMac and second monitor.

If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?

Having a clean working environment, I find, helps me to relax and find everything easily. I don’t agree with Einstein’s famous quote, but that might just be my slightly OCD’ness when it comes to cleaning and general tidiness. Everything needs a home, so when I come to need it I know exactly where it is. Things I no longer need are thrown away/given to charity, I like to lead a minimalist life.

Today I learnt a new word.