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Date: October, 2015 Role: Project lead, R&D, Objective-C, SQLite, Multiple API integrations

Never usually write reviews for apps, but this is an exception. Such a brilliant app for tracking artists playing gigs near you. Amazing app, would definitely recomment.

375hero, Apple App Store

The app every gig goer has been waiting for. Everything I want from a gig app is here. Excellent up-to-date information and clean and easy to use.

Noonanio, Apple App Store

I was amazed how good [GigAlert] was despite already having another gig app this one still impressed with its ease of use and speed.

Splatterjay, Apple App Store

One app solution. Great app, has everything you would want for organising your gigs and lets you know when my favourite bands go on tour.

FoxFray, Apple App Store

Great! Such a good app and means you don't miss a thing. Everything is in one place and it's really easy to use!

Rebglo, Apple App Store

Splendid app. Very easy to useā€¦ even a monkey can do it! My Ents24 account synced all the artists onto my app, no problemo, easy peasy!

PESwiftly, Apple App Store

Facebook Messenger Bot
Date: April, 2016 Role: Project lead, AI NLP, PHP, ElasticSearch

Open Source GitHub projects

There are plenty of excellent MVC's out there. So why the need for yet another? Simply because they are big and complex. Why use a sledgehammer to crack a nut?

A tiny application that will monitor your Memcached server, providing real-time monitoring and up-to-the-second data in a glance-able format.

PHP/JS Reversi
A PHP/Javascript implementation of the Reversi board game.

Template Parser LIVE DEMO
Date: July, 2008 Role: Project lead, PHP

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Battle Script LIVE DEMO
Date: April, 2010 Role: Personal project, PHP

  Defending Attacking
Attacking ship 1
Attacking ship 2
Attacking ship 3
Attacking ship 4
EMP freezing ship
Stealing ship
Salvage ship
Asteroid stealing ship

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Date: July, 2012 Role: Weekend project


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