I make things for the Web

The stomping ground of a Web and iOS developer from sunny Bristol

I'm Chris. A thirty-something husband, graduate, star gazer, aspiring triathlete, vegetarian, reader, writer, cinemaniac, and lover of life in general.

Born, raised and currently residing in sunny Bristol I work as a Senior Web Developer for Ents24 Creation, a full-service digital agency. Okay, okay, you got me: Bristol isn't even that sunny. I do, though, have over a decade-and-a-half of experience under my belt working with Web technologies, building applications used by millions of people from all four corners of the globe.

Previously I have had a five-year stint running a development studio producing Web solutions for SME’s using our custom built CMS and eCommerce store. I've created an e-signature app to help companies get their contracts signed quicker, cheaper, and with less hassel. And I've built three (yes, three!) SaaS's for people new to the world of Web development, giving them a simple intro.

This site exists primarily to permit myself writing about technology, tips & tricks, and my life in general. You can follow what I am currently reading and listening to, and what makes me tick by following me on Twitter, where I try to occasionally spout something witty.

Development built to last

The finish line is often hard to see. It’s way in the distance marred with obstacles, both knowns and unknowns. How you get there is vitally important; anyone can make a website or app, but making it maintainable, stable, secure, and future-proof with proper separation of concerns is a whole ‘nother ball game. I graduated in ’08 from the University of the West of England with first class honours in BSc Internet Computing, specialising in PHP and SQL.

Designed to be beautiful

A Web developer with keen interests in Web standards, typography, accessibility, and who likes things he builds to actually look appealing to the end users. Building dynamic Web based applications with a mindset geared towards the end user from the ground up through HCI and UX is what I do.